Design your own speakers

DIY Speaker building! Speaker Designer calculates frequency responses for Closed, Vented, Sealed Compound (isobaric), Vented Compound, PushPull, 4th and 6th bandpass enclosures, excursion plot, power response, crossover calculations, Zobel Network, Series Notch Filter, Parallel Notch Filter, L-Pad, calculate port length and it can calculate optimum configurations for almost every enclosure! Speaker Designer is a very complete App! This app is also suited for Tablets, graphs are shown in fullscreen.

Just enter your Thiele and Small parameters for your driver and you can choose different types of speakers: Sealed, Vented, Sealed Compound, Vented Compound, Push-Pull, 4th Bandpass and 6th Bandpass. It can calculate optimums for a sealed enclosure, vented, sealed comp., ventend comp. and 4h band pass. If you choose a vented or band pass enclosure, you also can calculate the vent length and minimum port diameter.

Speaker Designer can handle a number of metric types: Inches, cu. Inch, cu. ft, ltrs, cm, mm, etc.

Works great on smartphones and even better on tablets!

Speaker Designer can be downloaded here:

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